The Formerly Fat Old Man’s Diet.

The Formerly Fat Old Man’s Diet.

From two hundred and twenty-seven pounds, to a working weight of One Hundred and Eighty Pounds…………   and counting:.

I can only promise you the following:–

If you faithfully follow my diet instructions, you should lose weight

If you vary from the diet systems in any way whatsoever, during your diet time, it will take at least a week for your body systems to regain the slimming actions achieved previously.

My diet, namely the Formerly-Fat-Old-Man’s-Diet, has been worked out by a series of attempts to lose weight prior to that which worked; and should, if faithfully followed, allow a steady weight loss without any of the truly nasty side effects caused by sticking to some of the better-known and marketed dietary regimes.

You should not, if you stick to the F-F-O-M-D Plan, suffer constipation, bad breath, headaches which are just some of the by-products of other diets on the market.

If you keep to the simple regimes which I have established, you should safely lose somewhere around a half-pound a week (¼ Kg in metric terms). Sometimes you may lose more, sometimes less, but if you follow the diet regime which I have been following, you should lose weight steadily.

But, and it is indeed a big BUT, nothing comes for nothing, you must realise that your body weight has taken a fair time to put on, and it will take steady resolve and time to lose; there are no ‘crash diets’ which are safe. You must have sufficient intelligence to work out that all these fad diets, special fruit drinks which ‘melt the fat’ are illusory,; and can be dangerous. Only  a steady, safe, slow regime, accompanied by gentle exercise, will give you the enviable body which you secretly yearn for: if you don’t, why are you reading these words?

Your time on my diet should not be calculated in weeks, or even months; it should only be calculated in terms of weight lost, mobility regained, better health achieved.

I am not marketing a fancy range of drinks, or meal kits, or anything resembling anything like the larger and well-known recipe organisations do. You have to think for yourself, you are already taking responsibility for your future health, use that brain of yours, make your mind up, keep the simple steps which I have worked out, and you too can have the slim body many envy.

I commenced a search for the diet I am marketing after a fruitless, and sometimes expensive and uncomfortable time trying some of the more widely-known diet regimes on the market: and determined to understand how best to establish a dietary regime which avoided all the pitfalls of those diets.

I have not written a book, padded out with silly photos and recipes; if you choose yourselves the food groups listed, and seek the variations which suit you; I credit you with enough native intelligence to seek out the recipes which will serve to give a little variety to your slimming regime. I haven’t written multiple pages regarding how my diet works, mainly because I do not know how it works, only that it does.

I am not a doctor, and thus cannot give medical advice. If you are overweight, obese , or, using plain English: FAT, and you decide to use my advice, I am fairly confident that you should lose weight steadily, safely, with minimum strain on your bodily systems.

All I can state is that the F-F-O-M-D’s advice worked and works for me; and so, as I am just another human being, with no more that the usual amount of problems, my diet should, if followed correctly and totally, work for you.

As the old saying goes, all you have to lose is that beer-belly, that gut, that solid pack of fat which is impacting your heart, your inner systems; as well as the pressure all that weight pushes on to your legs, your knees and of course your feet.

So, sign up with me, click on one of the secure card payment sites; pay the fee of

£12.50 / $15.96 dollars / €13.68 Euros (all prices subject to fluctuation) Inclusive of  V.A.T. and you will receive and be able to download a simple Adobe .pdf file which may change your life completely.

After all, it has changed mine!

The average person can expect to lose 1/2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet.

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on these pages is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider.

Consult your doctor, pharmacist or health care professional before beginning the The Formerly-Fat-Old-Man’s-Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. Any weight loss plans or strategies should not be used by persons on dialysis.

Individual results may vary. 

We guarantee not to store or sell your email address, once used for the transmission of the Diet Plan file. We also guarantee to destroy and delete all email information one month after it was received and activated..

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